Personal projects


I started getting interested in video after I felt confident enough with my skills as a photographer and wanted to try something new. Though many processes are similar, I had to learn (and still am) a great deal of new things. I edit all of my projects in Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects. Currently I’m focusing on short explainers for my personal blog and (surprise) recording the beauty of nature. My favourite camera to do that with is attached to my DJI Phantom 4 Pro, one of the best drones in a surprisingly small package.



I’ve been writing for my personal blog for some years now. My main subject is the world of photography and everything surrounding it. I’ve also tried my hand at some reviews and short guides that might help other amateur photographers, just like me. The blog is now the forefront of

Galaxus advert

I’m actually quite proud of this one and not just because I was financially rewarded. Digitec Galaxus must have what is one of the best marketing strategies: They let customers make the ads for them. What a brilliant idea! I had seen their call for videos and photos and decided to have a go at one. And would you believe it, my video was accepted and has been broadcast on national television!